back in december my oldest child got sick. she threw up twice and had a fever for almost two days, then she was back to her tough self. about a week later josh got it, he even missed a day of work. and about a week after that, i got it.

i have not been sick like that ever in my life. my body was in so much pain, fever, chills, and to top it off i was coughing and sneezing. it was awful.

it started on the wednesday before Christmas, and by thursday morning i was sure i was dying, as i had no idea what was going on. it took me a few hours to realize i had the flu. i put myself to bed as quickly as i could and willed myself to be well.

i had a huge Christmas and grocery shopping trip planned for friday, with family coming over saturday and sunday.

i woke up friday morning still in pain, but was determined to get my crap done. i did it. it’s amazing what a person can get done when determined.

fast forward several weeks and my youngest is now the sick one in our house. she managed to get through December without catching our junk. holy moly is she paying for it now!

at 11:30 last night she asked me to snuggle her in her bed, she couldn’t sleep. i’m wondering now if she just wasn’t feeling well. at 1 AM she got up and vomited. i put her in my bed where she continued to vomit every 20 minutes for the next 3.5 hours. 

so. much. laundry.

we slept from 4:30-7:30 and she started puking again. i gave her my Kindle and a cracker and let her rest.

i wanted so much to crawl in bed with her and not move all day. our night of sleep was awful and i was so tired, too. instead, i got up and did nine loads of laundry (even folded it!), cleaned my kitchen and bathroom and swept all our floors.

after all of that, i sat with her while she slept and my in-laws took my big girl on her paper route.

her fever has gotten as high as 102.7 today. but thankfully is down to 99.1 at the moment.

it is hard to be sick, but it is worse to watch your baby be so miserable.

she’s had someone watching over her all day. thank goodness for Moo.

i am hopeful this passes quickly so my busy girl can get back to being her on the go self.

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