back in December I deleted a few apps from my phone.

my phone is a huge distraction, it always has been.  and it’s one of many things about myself i do not like.

i considered getting rid of the thing entirely.  that’s how bad it is.  i text too much, i am on FB or IG too much, whatever.  it’s a lot of things.  so, i decided i would just get myself an old school flip phone.  one where i could make calls if necessary, but that’s it.

i mentioned my plan to a friend of mine and she encouraged me to instead delete the apps that are most distracting to me for a couple of weeks to see if that would make a difference. to possibly break me from my habit.

it helped, some.

the biggest help was deleting FB and Words with Friends, and not just the app from my phone, but also my account.  but then i’d have people ask if i had seen such and such on FB and i hadn’t.  i had missed out on a few articles, a few updates, etc.  it made me sad and i felt like i was out of the loop in people’s lives.

so i popped back on.  because deleting your account isn’t permanent on FB unless you go to this site. and all i found was a bunch of people still fighting over the election, and over many other things.  i quickly saw that i was not missing a single thing. i quickly found myself upset. just seeing people be hurt or be hurtful, and i kept it for a few days merely to look at my memories.

the On This Day section of FB is one reason i have kept it.  i have a terrible memory, and i don’t write things down in a notebook the way i should, so i have used FB to remind me of the things my kids have said or done over the last several years. i decided i would keep my account for 2017 just to write out the memories and then delete the account.  but i’m not sure it’s worth keeping.  FB kinda sucks the life outta me.

i deleted my account again today.  but this time i did it permanently.  i didn’t just deactivate.  part of me is sad, the other part feels relieved.  it’s one distraction out of my life.

yesterday i was thinking about how overwhelmed i am with life and stuff and i just felt like the Lord was telling me to simplify.  i have been working toward this the last several weeks but have found that i’ve let certain things back in that just stress me out.  so, those things need to go, and several other things need to as well.

i want to be focused on the things around me, in my home, with my family.  and not be distracted by outside junk.

so, that’s the plan.  i’m determined to work on my phone/apps area of my life, and go from there.

it sounds so silly to say i need to work on the time spent on my phone.  why is that stupid thing such a big deal?  all the eye rolls.

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