let me clarify.

I like words. Love ’em really. I don’t like when I mess them up, though. I don’t like when I misspell something, I don’t like when I was thinking one word but write another. 

Mostly I don’t like when I don’t think through my words and how they sound to the person reading them. I write them as they form quickly in my jumbled head and sometimes I’ll reread them, but rarely not, because if I reread every blog post looking for mistakes, well – I’d never hit publish. 

I decided to read my own blog this morning. The one about gymnastics. And I realized my wording for a very important part of that post came out wrong. Or maybe I’m just being hyper-critical and those who would happen to read it totally understood what I meant and I’m panicking for nothing, but whatever. Panicking is what I do best. 

So, in case anyone happened to read it before I was able to edit it, I would like to clarify.

In the original post I stated how because my mom worked full time she was not able to love on us by encouraging us to do the things we loved. Um. See how wrong that sounded? I did not mean it the way I wrote it, but oh, words. Words and how they can be written and read wrong.  I only meant she was not able to take us to all the places and practices because as a single mama, she was working full time to provide for my sisters and me. There was encouraging of the things we loved. It was done at home, though. Not in a car, for hours, driving to all the places and all the practices. 

It’s early in the morning, when anxiety hits me hardest. And maybe I read my own words wrong, or maybe they were written wrong. Either way, I needed to clarify. I needed to make those words right.

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