last straw.

Today we were heading out for our paper route. Let’s talk about the paper route for a minute.

What was once a 30 minute job has turned into a 1 hr 10 minute job. At the beginning of July, Jaylee’s boss called me and asked if we wouldn’t mind subbing for another route for a couple of weeks while she found a new carrier. She said the route was a decent route and near our house. I told her we’d do it and so we did. After about a week we went into the office and asked if we could just keep the route, it flows great with our original route, and ends 1/4 mile from our house.

Jaylee’s boss was thrilled.

Anyway, so now we have two routes, and as we were leaving today Jaylee announces the goats are in the front yard.

Guys, that is not where those goats belong. I was really wishing our yard were completely fenced so I could just let them mow the whole thing, but of course, the fence is 95% complete. And that stickler 5% would result in some escaping goats.

I had the girls take Hazel and Dusty (Hazel’s uncle) by their collars and lead them back to the pasture. I found that one of our panels broke and they were able to step through the iron fencing.

Idiot goats.

Of course the cows wanted to know what was going on so while I’m trying to reattach the panel, Harry comes over and tries to jump on me. 

I was pissed. That was it!

I kicked him in the face. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that, but have you ever had a several hundred pound animal come for you? It’s terrifying. 

I got the fence fixed, loaded up the girls, and headed to the butcher. The shop is just a mile away, I walk in and he says, “hey, Sarah, what can I do for you?”

Can I just say how much I love my small town life? This guy has been to my house once (to slaughter my pigs), but he remembered my name! Excellent customer service.

Anyway, I told him, “the steer has to go, and soon.”

So next Saturday, at 6 AM, Harry will leave our farm. This will be the last animal I have butchered.

 My heart can’t take it anymore. 

While Harry has been a pain in the ass for the last few months, I have not forgotten our first couple of months together. He was my first big animal love. I bottle fed him, I let him come in my house, I have taken a nap beside him, and prayed for him during times when I thought he was sick. 

It’s really too soon to butcher him. We’ll only get a couple hundred pounds of meat out of him, but the stress of him is not worth keeping him any longer.

So, next Saturday at 6. I can do this. I’m pretty sure, anyway. 

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