The post where I just need to say all the words, and most don’t make sense.

Just writing as the thoughts come right now.

I’m really tired. It’s been a long day. A great day. Just long. Josh won’t be home til after 9. He went to work at 7. A 14 hour day. These seem to be his norm.

We had co-op today and then a park date with some of our co-op friends. Co-op season is coming to a close. And possibly our season with co-op is, too.

I have an 11-12 hour workday tomorrow and I’ll be honest, I’m getting a little panicky about it. That’s a lot of hours cleaning, a lot of physical labor on an already broken body. My brain is freaking out about the hours away from my home and from my kids. My heart starts to hurt.

I have a soon-to-be eight year old who has requested a farm themed party, which I can do! I have the animals! I have the barn! I just don’t have the time to get ready. I had the date planned and then realized that it’s Mother’s Day weekend. I may need to reschedule. Thankfully no invitations have been sent yet.

(And they say procrastination doesn’t pay!)

Hazel, my baby goat is thriving. You guys, I think I feel about Hazel the way I see grandparents with their grandkids. This ridiculous adoration. I am so head over heels in love with her.


This Sunday she will be three weeks old. She has brought such joy. I have never loved an animal more in my life.

I didn’t make dinner tonight. Josh wasn’t gonna be here so I figured why bother? Plus, the kitchen was clean and I didn’t wanna mess with a good thing. I have not had a dishwasher since December. My hands are raw from all the handwashing. I am so tired of washing dishes.

My girls had toast for dinner. I feel like the worst mom in America.

I had coconut rum.

So there’s that.

Josh and I had a great conversation this morning regarding school for our girls. Imentioned  to him how busy we are and he asked if it was a good busy or a busy that needs to change. It’s a good busy, however, our three hour sit down formal education time has gone out the window. We are learning differently these last several weeks, and we are learning outside. I am 99% okay with this. The other 1% is concerned just in regards to Math. I am a terrible Math teacher. Josh is great at Math and I told him I would love if he took ownership of that part of our girls’ education. He quickly agreed.

Thank the Lord! Truly.

I am giddy thinking about how I no longer have to struggle in that area.

Well, the girls’ showers are over, toast is consumed, and it’s time to read to them before bed.

Thanks for letting me get out all the words.


One thought on “The post where I just need to say all the words, and most don’t make sense.

  1. Love you and your words, so glad you shared them tonight! I would love to help you with the party, just let me know what I can do:)


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