On the House Next Door

I wrote awhile back about the house next door. How it will be in foreclosure soon and how Josh and I dream of buying the place.

The three acres and the square footage, it draws us to it. There is so much potential there. 

I have gone over a few mornings and walked around the place, enjoying the sunrise, and praying for property. Praying we might live there, and love there. Yet also praying that if we are not the ones to buy this house, that whoever does, would live and love here, too. And that our families would become lifelong friends.

I have had so many daydreams over this house, but I’ll admit, I have been overwhelmed with the thought of starting over.  The place needs a complete overhaul. Flooring, heating/cooling, electrical, one bathroom was demolished before they left, and cement pieces lay everywhere. The toilet just sitting there, out from the wall. And the land needs fencing. Because we want to keep the home we are in now as a rental, there would be no cash for us to do these things. It’d be the same process we’ve taken remodeling the home we’re in now. Little by little.

For years.

Another thing. Our current home will be paid off in approximately seven years. Getting this new place would mean a 30 year mortgage.

These have been big things in the back of my mind, yet I’ve pushed them aside because five (or 6) bedrooms! Three bathrooms! A pantry! Two car garage! A laundry room!

I live in a two bedroom, one bath, no car garage, no pantry, and no laundry room house.

So this place has seemed ideal. All the things! I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to the place.

Over the weekend Josh worked on a project we should have done years ago. Yet it’s one of those projects you put off because it’s not all that fun and it’s expensive. Our irrigation pump has needed new wiring, new pipe, new filter, new all the things. 

 While he worked away at that, with the music up in the backyard, the girls were playing on a swing he built them from an idea we saw on Pinterest.

Then, of course, I had to ruin their fun and ask them to move rocks. They piled them up by the house, and Josh quickly made a makeshift firepit from them.

We ate dinner with the company of chickens.

The next day Josh continued on the pump project, the girls played, and I procrastinated the inside work. It was past dinnertime when I headed to the store for steaks. When I returned I was informed the neighbors were coming for dinner! I hadn’t bought enough for everyone, but with all the side dishes (and a glass or two of wine), no one seemed to notice, but everyone was fed and full.

The neighbors commented on our backyard, our trees. It truly is cozy back there. I was thinking of the work Josh had just completed, I was high on company, and the children’s happy noises, and the glass of wine, and thought, “I can’t leave here. I cannot move to the house next door.”

With all it’s land, with all it’s square footage, it will never be this place that we have poured 16 years of heart and hard work into.

I talked to Josh about it last night. “I don’t want to move to 1372. I don’t want to try to get that house.” His response surprised me. “I don’t either. I don’t want to spend the rest of my girls’ growing up years remodeling and remodeling. I just want to enjoy what we have here.”
There are other plans, more that I’ll share later, but for now, it is nice to have this peace of staying home.

3 thoughts on “On the House Next Door

  1. I have found that when I have dreams it feels good to hold them and mull them over and when it’s time I just place them back where I found them. I am always happy to have held the dreams though, even temporarily. There’s no harm in changing your mind. It’s part of the dreaming process.

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