my entryway is always dirty and usually i am too.

i feel like before i say anything more, i need to say this:

never judge farm life off the farm life i am living.  i know nothing of what i’m doing, and i’m pretty lazy and go about everything all wrong.  i suppose it’s how i do everything in my life.  not just the farm part.

i say all that to tell you that since the pigs and new calves came i have been covered in shit, mud, and pig slop.  my entryway to my house looks quite similar to the entryway of my barn, and by the looks of things, i’m guessing it smells the same as well.


non-Instagrammed photo of my entryway. minus 3 pr of boots because they are at gymnastics at the moment.

don’t be jealous.

what’s it been, two weeks since the new calves and pigs showed up?  i have been wearing the same pair of jeans since that day.  without washing them.  to change things up a bit, i did put a pair of long underwear on underneath them.  they are caked in mud, calf formula, poop, and slop.  it’s sexy, let me tell you.

i don’t know how to do this farm life well.  i know that i’m having fun with it.  that, so far, all the animals are still alive.  though i worry about sweet Mae.  she’s got the rhea. i’ve started her on electrolytes, not that i know what i’m doing, but Google says Mae needs electrolytes and isn’t Google always right?  i have no idea when to call a vet about stuff.  she’s still up and around and happy (yes, i can tell she’s happy, she runs to her mama when i go out to see her) and her eyes look good too.

but the rhea she’s got going on. oh gosh.  we’ve all had it.  some of us more recently than others… but thankfully we don’t lay in it.  at least not usually.  right?

so tonight while Joshy took the children to gymnastics i mucked out the rhea and laid out fresh straw.  better to shit in clean sheets than dirty sheets.  i’m guessing.  not that i know or anything.

and after i muck out the sleeping quarters i realize the chickens have been shut out of the chicken run and they are all roosting in random places.  really cool.  so my head lamp and i, well, and Lola, too, went out to round up all the birds and put them in the run.  Adding a good 15 minutes to my nighttime feed routine.

i come inside after it’s all done with and think that i can still smell the outside on the inside.  i look down at my clothes and see that the bottom inch of my pajama pants are covered in who knows what.  but with the smell, i’m guessing i brought in some of Mae’s diarrhea.

(can you spell ‘diarrhea’ correctly the first time?  i think this was the first time i ever have!)

anyway, about all the muck and mud.  Josh and i are going on a date tomorrow with a few other couples.  a gun date.  a date where we learn how to better use and care for and carry ours.  we recently got our concealed licenses and josh is almost always carrying, which i gotta say i feel so much better when i’m out and about with him now. but even though i have my license, i’ve not yet begun to carry.  i want to know what i’m doing.  i want to be smart about it.  i want to learn and know all the things first.

i have friends who don’t like guns and that is fine.  i don’t like tofu.  and we are still friends.  but, should we be somewhere and a gun is needed, i want to know i can take care of my friends.  i want to be able to keep my children safe. (did i just lose reader friends?  guns are such a hot button issue.  oops.)

anyway, this class is coming at a fantastic time!

i promised Josh that i would actually shower before he got home from work.  that i would dress in clothes that for once, in the last two weeks, would not be covered in shit, and that i might actually wear make up but not a ponytail.  i have turned lazy.  shower?  who needs a shower?  Mae and June will bathe me with their tongues and isn’t mud supposed to be cleansing?  surely i’m clean from all the mud that gets slopped on my face.  dear lord, please let it be mud that has been slopped on my face.

i am greatly looking forward to our gun date.  for a reason to shower and put on the make up. to kiss the kiddos goodbye for a few hours while their grandparents love on them in a spoiling way.  also i’m looking forward to food.  because we are going out for the food.  the food someone else will cook and clean up.

my most favorite kind of food.

so farm life is good.  it’s just dirty.  and i’m trying to come to grips with my entryway looking like a barn.  but it’s hard.  guess this is one battle i’m choosing not to fight.

this is our life.  it’s a bit dirty, but it sure is good.

3 thoughts on “my entryway is always dirty and usually i am too.

  1. I grew up in the country and spent a lot of time on farms. There’s definitely something that feels really good about being so dirty it doesn’t matter anymore. 🙂
    A gun date! Wow! I’m one of your anti-gun friends, one who happens to love tofu as well! Friendship and connection are far more important than different opinions, no matter how big those opinions might be. (Believe me, mine are huge. And who cares??) 🙂
    Love reading your blog so much!!


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