And then came piglets.

We drove to Pullman to get the piglets. The lady had sent me a text saying we may need four wheel drive to get up her driveway. We don’t have four wheel drive in our Suburban yet, but we do have chains.

Of course Josh wanted to give it a shot up the driveway without chains first.  

It’s steeper than it appears, and a sheet of ice. So we reversed and Josh got out to put chains on. We were able to get right up after that.

Pig Lady told me one of the piglets had been living in her house these last 8 weeks, I prepared my girls that it may be a bit stinky in her place. We were all surprised that it didn’t smell at all. We were also surprised to see our pigs just running around her house!

She gave me some info on them (the older girl loves strawberry yogurt), pigs love hard boiled eggs, shell and all. They love milk. She told me how often to feed them and then that was that.

We grabbed the piggies by their back legs and boy did they squeal! We loaded them in the back of the Suburban where they quickly peed and pooped. I’m so glad we have Josh’s rig for this stuff!


Are they not the cutest critters you’ve ever seen?!  They had my heart immediately.

Before we picked them up Josh built them a little hutch where we put a heat lamp and straw down.


The girls, Louise and Sally, have taken to their new home very well.

We are still working to completely secure our pasture so the piglets have access to all our property, but for now they are in a pen about 12×12. Big enough, but I think once they grow they would be much happier to have a lot more land to run and play and root around on.  

What I’ve learned about my girls so far, the do love their hardboiled eggs. I have one in each pocket for their breakfast and dinner feedings. While they eat them (seriously, shell and all), I fill the slop container with their feed. Scraps from the house, grain, corn, and milk, and then fill their water.

Even though they are gross little creatures, putting their feet in their food, pushing each other around, pigs will never eat more than they are hungry for.

My girls do not like carrots, nor Brussels sprouts. They don’t love potatoes, but they did finally eat them. They slurp the almond milk and any of the milk I have leftover from the calves. They have eaten the pieces of bread I’ve given them. Mostly though, they just want the eggs and milk. Tonight was the first night they let me pet them without pulling away. While they ate I scratched them between their ears and they just continued to eat. Normally they pull away, so I was pretty excited they stuck around.

These piglets bring a whole new meaning to Tickled Pink for me. I sure love them (and the friend who gifted them to me).

Here is a run down of our day – just with the animals, no kids, school, or housework included.

Our alarm goes off anywhere between 5 and 5:30. The first thing we do is let Ramona and Lola (our dogs) outside to potty. While they are outside we feed Boomer (our new kitten), and put food in the dogs’ dishes. 

Once the dogs come inside we then start getting the calves and pigs food together. I mix up the milk for the calves and pour it in two bottles (they drink from buckets, I just use the bottles so I know they have equal amounts), then I grab any leftovers from last night’s dinner, stuff a hard boiled egg in each pocket, and pour some milk in a bowl. While all of this is going on, Josh or I will get the coffee going in the french press.

I pull on my boots, put on a scarf, hat, coats, and head lamp. 

We coax Harry to the pasture with hay, shutting him out from the girls, Mae and June, so they can have their milk without fearing the big brute. We love on them, hugging them and telling them good morning. While they drink their milk we feed the piglets. They come out of their little hutch, I give them their egg and fill the slop dish.

I talk to them, ask them if they stayed warm, and try to love them. Once they are taken care of I give the calves their grain and fresh water. And some more love. While they eat their grain it’s time to feed the ducks and chickens. Right now it’s still dark when I go in the coop so everyone is still roosting.  They are awake, though, so I talk to them and ask them not to poop on me (some roost in the rafters of the coop).

When I leave the chicken run Mae and June are done with their grain and I can let Harry back in with them.

I tell everyone to have a good day, that I love them, and will see them in a little while. I usually check on everyone again once or twice throughout the day.

Twelve hours after breakfast, it’s time for dinner, and the entire routine starts again.

I know it’s still the honeymoon phase, it’s only been about a week, but I have loved every single minute of taking care of our new pets. Even the minute where I slipped and flew to the ground with a full bucket of water going everywhere! Oops. Thatta been a sight for anyone to see had it not been dark!

The animals bring such joy to my life, filling my heart in a way I cannot explain. I am happier, more content, than I have been in ages. But not just to me. To Josh and the girls too. (I asked Josh, just to be sure. “It’s not just me, right? You love them too, right?” He smiled and nodded. Whew.)

 A couple more weeks and the goats come home… 

3 thoughts on “And then came piglets.

  1. That’s an exciting adventure! Boy…having pigs IN your house…now who would have thought of that? Yikes. Your house is so much fun. I love all of those animals. The goats might be the first to be eaten… 🙂


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