our mini farm is growing

(i wrote this on Saturday, but apparently it didn’t publish? i’m awesome at technology, obvs.)

I am writing this from my phone while beginning a three hour (one way) trip with my people.

The face on the far left is probably the most excited of the bunch.

You see, today is Piglet Day.

I very casually mentioned pigs on Facebook the other day. Thinking nothing of my flippant remark, because piglets are not just something you get to have. Sometimes you have a husband who says “not right now” to certain things because he knows I would have all the animals right this minute. His desire is for me to have all the animals too, he just knows we can’t fork out all the dollars all at once.

Shortly after my pig comment, I receive a text from a friend asking if Santa dropped off piglets would I love them?

It’s been a couple of weeks since that text and I can still feel the excitement I had reading those words.


So today is the day we go to pick them up. One piggy is 8 weeks old, the other 6 weeks. My heart almost can’t take the goodness that is about to come to my mini farm.

The piglets are just the icing on this already amazing week. See, a few days ago I got a call from Chelsea about a calf needing a home and of course it should come to my home. She is 3/4 Angus 1/4 Jersey and just shy of two months old. I told Chels I’d call her back after talking to Josh and it took me .5 seconds to call her back and tell her yes, yes we want this sweet calf. We go to pick her up, put her in the back of our lifted 1985 Suburban, we go to close the doors and then we are offered a second calf for the equivalent of six coffees, she is a Free-Martin* full Jersey, would we like her too?

It took me zero seconds to say yes, yes I want her too.

Yes, those are calves in the back of our rig, and let me tell you, it was a smelly hour ride home! Pee. You.

Here is Harry being introduced to his sisters.

This has come at the perfect time. Josh has had some vacation time so we have been working outside preparing living quarters for our new family members.

Harry was happy to have us outside with him all day. He was also very excited to take a selfie with me! Harrison is six months old now, he loves a good massage and carrots are his favorite treat.

Spending the day with him showed me that he hasn’t been getting enough attention. I’ll be honest, after a couple of months of having Harry I decided I needed to separate myself from him.  Harrison is a pet, but he’s also for meat.  I felt like maybe some distance would be good.  But because of this lack of attention, when he does see me, he wants to jump on me.  Not cool. The girls are scared of him and that makes me sad. But after the amount of time we’ve spent outside over the last few days he has quit doing this. I’m oh so glad.

I cannot believe in just a few hours I will have piglets to introduce to Harrison.  He’s going to be so excited for his new piglet sisters!

I’ll post soon with a farm update.

*Free-Martin/Freemartin: A freemartin is a heifer (female) born twin to a bull calf (male). In 90% of cases, this causes the female to be infertile.

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