no good very bad day

Yesterday wasn’t the best day I’ve ever had.  I should probably mention it was also not the worst.  But it still sucked pretty good.  I blame the animals.

I had written a lovely post about Moo, and about two hours later she crapped upstairs right in front of the girls.  They watched her do it!  Argh.

For most of the day I was stewing over a lesson I have to teach at our homeschool co-op on Thursday.  I love co-op, Not so much teaching.  Some have this gift, and others are me.  I’m a terrible teacher.  My first plan for co-op didn’t pan out, so I have to teach.  I have my outline, I have the basic idea of what I want to get across to the kids, but mostly I’m nervous. I do better writing my words.  Not speaking them.

(my husband might disagree there.)

I find myself talking too quickly and missing the point of what I’m trying to say.  It’s yucky.  I don’t like it. So.  I’m worrying about that for all of the day.

Then while I’m making dinner Jaylee comes in to tell me that Lola (our black lab) has jumped on my new to me car and scratched it.  I go outside, see the damage, and completely fly off the handle.

I didn’t want to buy this car.  I mean, I did, but the moment I test drove it, it just felt too nice to be mine.  I don’t get to have nice things.  Not nice like this car is nice.  Yet Josh saw differently and now I have this nice car in my driveway.  This nice, newly scratched car.  I’m angry.  I’m sad.  I’m hating my dog.

Then dinner was awful.  I accidentally put six times the amount of salt in my recipe than was called for.  No one could eat it.  Worse than the Sugar Rice story (that story, another time.)

I asked the girls to give the dogs baths.  First Moo, then Lola.  Lola is a lab.  Lola loves the water.  Lola decided to jump out of the tub, run out of the bathroom, and get water all over my living room.  I want to kill her even more now.

Josh and I are in our room talking about my co-op lesson when I hear a glass break on the tile floor in the dining room.  Ruby, our cat, has knocked a jar off the table to get to the water inside.  I grabbed her by the scruff and threw her out the door.

GRRR.  Animals.

Days like these have me questioning every single thing.  I wonder why I homeschool.  I wonder why I have animals.  I wonder why we buy nice things only to have them ruined.  Life’s messy.  I have a good life, I do.  But sometimes the messy makes me all sortsa crazy(ier).

The scratches on my car will get buffed out (at a price).

The co-op lesson will somehow happen and get over with (there may be alcohol involved).

Dinner won’t always have too much salt (but it’ll never have too much booze, either).

Ramona will hopefully not poop in the house forever (okay, she probably will).

And there are more glasses to drink from than the one Ruby broke (or we can drink straight from the jug).

Today just kinda got a whole lotta ick in one shot.  I’m looking forward to Friday.

(I’m up early and totally edited this post. (It’s what I do) I should know better after all these years not to write when I’ve had a bad day.)

One thought on “no good very bad day

  1. I wish I had something wise to say but you and I both know that’s not happening! You should have just said, “screw it!” “I give!” And opened a beer. Amen


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